2018.04/22 Baru-town video switcher

2018.4/22 Jazz Live in Hakodate, Old Russian Consulate.

I developed Background Animation Switcher using TouchDesigner. This system can full remote controll with ipad and TouchOSC. There was a possibility that remote control might be necessary depending on the condition of the place

Fade and Switching 2 Video Sources

Right in movie is TouchDesigner system UI. Left one is TouchOSC UI in ipad. If switching video output, select two switch mode from manual switch mode and auto fade switch mode.


Set Video Sourse

Switching to various images by setting various materials in the video source.


Speed Change

Change the speed to match the LIVE performance BPM.


Movie Materials

Make 1y ago.


Newly made


Interactive Material

Particles and Autumn leaves installation using vvvv + KinectV2. This material dedicated to “木枯らしに抱かれて”. Texture Renderd by vvvv is sent TouchDesigner system by Spout Sender.


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